How to Increase Fertility in Women and Men Naturally?

Infertility, or the inability to conceive a child, is a vital issue for approximately 10% of women from age 20 to 44; for many couples who wish to start a family, the issue is a complicated one and with the fairly wide range of factors that affect conception it can be difficult at first to ascertain the exact cause of the issue.

Infertility can be caused by either partner in the relationship; in men the condition is caused by a low sperm count, damage to the sperm or one of several potential diseases; infertility in men can also be heavily influenced by factors such as chemotherapy, age, smoking, alcohol and drug use and exposure to various toxins.

Women who have difficulty conceiving could be affected by ovulation or uterine issues, a blockage in the Fallopian tubes, age, stress, or even issues such as intense athletic training and/or poor diet plus a number of factors which are also known to affect men such as smoking, toxins and others.

The chances of infertility in women increase significantly over the age of 35; after that age approximately 33% of couples have infertility issues as women often begin to experience a reduced number of eggs that are both not as healthy as a younger woman’s and that can often fail to be released by the ovaries.

After 35 women who do manage to conceive are at risk for other reproductive issues such as miscarriage; aging is known to have an enormous effect on some women’s ability to conceive and produce a healthy child.

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Defining Infertility

For women under 35, experts recommend attempting conception for a period of one year before becoming concerned about fertility issues; in women over the age of 35 this time is reduced to 6 months.

If after this period of time has passed you’re still having difficulty conceiving, it may be time to see your doctor in order to diagnose and treat any potential infertility issues.

Your doctor will use a range of diagnostic procedures and tools in order to facilitate an understanding of the issues that could be affecting your ability to conceive; from the history of both partners to ovulation tests and sperm studies, ultrasound and a variety of other methods, your doctor will help to determine the reasons for your difficulties.

Upon diagnosing the issue, infertility is treated in several different ways, both naturally and with fertility drugs and procedures.

How to Increase Fertility

Many couples who wondering how to increase infertility are often relieved to find out that there are a number of fertility treatment options, both natural and medicinal, and with effective treatment the chances of getting to the root cause of the issue and eventually conceiving are normally quite good.

Medical Treatments

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There are a large number of treatments available through medical means available to treat infertility, from medicine and/or surgery to artificial insemination or something called Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

ART involves removing the egg from the woman’s body and mixing it with the male sperm in order to create embryos, which are then placed back in the woman’s uterus; depending on the age of the mother this technique can be quite successful, generally ranging from about 11%-39% as far as success rates.

ART techniques encompass methods such as in vitro fertilization, Zygote transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection and Gamete transfer; surrogacy is another method that couples can use, artificially inseminating a surrogate mother and subsequently adopting the baby.

Natural Methods

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Natural methods of fertility treatment can range from herbal supplements such as Chaste Tree Berry, Red Clover, Siberian Ginseng and a variety of others; treatment can also involve tools such as hypnosis, relaxation techniques as well as dietary changes such as an increase in Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in foods like Shrimp, Tofu, and Flaxseed, complex carbs which are high in Folic Acid, and lean protein which is high in iron.

In cases where the male partner is suspected to be a significant part of the cause of infertility, there are a number of natural methods to increase the effectiveness of the sperm, from de-stressing techniques to an increase in sexual activity, a boost in nutrition and an avoidance of heat from sources such as hot tubs, laptops etc.

One natural treatment method that has been garnering much attention recently for its effectiveness in treating and overcoming infertility is a Holistic and Ancient Chinese Medicine technique developed by Nutrition Specialist and Health Consultant Lisa Olson, who specializes in Chinese Medicine and who struggled with infertility for 14 long years.

Through both first-hand knowledge and professional expertise, Olson was able to develop what is known as Pregnancy Miracle, a system that takes a holistic approach using ancient Chinese medicine in order to reverse infertility safely and effectively.

About Pregnancy Miracle

Pregnancy Miracle is being hailed as one of the most important breakthroughs in fertility ever developed; from teaching couples about how to increase fertility to reversing both male and female fertility issues, ensuring pregnancy in as little as 2 months and helping to produce a strong and healthy baby, the system has garnered a great deal of positive attention.

While there are a variety of conditions that may make conceiving seem impossible, such as Tubal Obstruction, Uterine Fibroids or Scarring, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or low sperm count in the case of the male, the system helps couples overcome many of the most common barriers to conception and ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy.

For women struggling with age-related difficulties conceiving the Pregnancy Miracle  (see full pregnancy miracle review) process is being touted as an incredible solution and has enjoyed great success and positive results; from Olson herself, who was able to overcome infertility and produce two beautiful children, to a wide variety of women of all ages and from all over the world, the site is full of testimonials that attest to the effectiveness of the program.

By helping couples get pregnant holistically the system eliminates the use for drugs or invasive and expensive fertility treatments, and through the use of Ancient Chinese techniques helps to repair and purify the body using cutting-edge naturopathic methods combined with a powerful mind-body healing approach.

Aside from conceiving successfully, women who used the process also reported a wide range of other benefits from increased energy to rejuvenation, vast improvements in their sex life and the elimination of hormonal disorders; there have also been absolutely no instances of miscarriage in mothers who have used the Pregnancy Miracle system.

While the dangers of fertility techniques are well documented, such as the use of infertility drugs which are thought to be linked to increased rates of ovarian cancer and IVF which is known to lead to risky multiple pregnancies and possible brain damage in some babies, Pregnancy Miracle has the reassurance of being completely natural and risk-free.

If you’ve been struggling with how to increase fertility, chances are that Pregnancy Miracle is the solution you’ve been looking for; from one-on-one counseling by Olson herself to a wealth of powerful and effective techniques designed to help your body conceive naturally, this amazing program will help you to achieve the best health you’ve ever been in while allowing you to relax and conceive a miracle of your own.

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